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Cowboys Mailbag: June 6, 2012

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SEAN BOYLE SAN ANTONIO, TX:Every year there is someone picking the Cowboys to go to the Super Bowl when, in fact, they just aren't there yet. I was impressed by the offseason this year and I think we finally have a year where we can be truly optimistic. Your thoughts?

Nick: I think it'll be a good competition. Costa will be better this year, but if Nagy can start at guard, he should be able to be a good-size center. Continuity is always important on the line so you don't see a lot of rotation in position battles. Then again, Costa was able to unseat Gurode last year. I think the gap is pretty narrow between the two. It should be a good battle.

Josh: If you made me guess right now, I would say yes. The Cowboys felt good enough about Costa last year to release Andre Gurode so he could play. It would've been silly to not expect any struggles for such a young player. He won't get worse this year. But there's something the Cowboys like about Bill Nagy as well, and Jason Garrett has made it clear the competition between the two is real. Still, Costa's been running with the first team throughout these OTAs.

MATTHEW YOST PHILADELPHIA, PA Have the Cowboys discussed bringing back Patrick Crayton? He would be a great veteran pickup for this team.

Nick:I'm sure it has been discussed but not anything that has been talked about too much. There is a reason the Cowboys let him go in 2009 and a reason San Diego decided not to bring him back. He's never been the fastest player but someone who knew how to get open. I can't say I saw him play much in San Diego but I bet this team wants to see what they've got in these young receivers. If they feel the need to go outside to get a veteran, I would think Crayton's name would be discussed then.

Josh: If they were so interested in bringing in a veteran, there would be better guys to get than Crayton. As much respect as the Cowboys have for what Crayton gave them when he was here, I think they've spent enough time on that road. Besides, when he left, it didn't seem like he and Jason Garrett were seeing eye to eye on too many things.

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