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Cowboys Mailbag: March 20, 2012

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Chris Jordan - Carrollton, TX: Would signing a couple of guards and a top tier corner in free agency stop the Cowboys from drafting a Dre Kirpatrick or David Decastro if they were the best players available at No. 14?

Rob: I would hope not, especially with Kirkpatrick if they're satisfied with their off-the-field checks on him, because he might be versatile enough to play some safety. DeCastro? Hmmm. If they had signed only one guard, I'd be more inclined to think he's a target. Now? Not as much, unless he's head and shoulders the best guy on their board at 14. At some point, defensive line/pass rush should be targeted – and there are a lot of those guys in the first round.

Josh: I don't think it would necessarily stop them. Mike Jenkins is a free agent next year, making it probably cheaper to pay Kirkpatrick a rookie contract than a second deal for Jenkins. Or Kirkpatrick might be able to play safety. If DeCastro's the best guy, they'll have to think about it. But I think signing two guards might have suggested they believe DeCastro will be gone by 14.

Paul Karam - Houston, TX: Is David Arkin's position guard or center? I've heard he is in the center mix and was wondering if that's why the team didn't sign a center in free agency.

Rob: I have heard that about Bill Nagy, who took some center snaps last year, but not Arkin. Doesn't mean they won't consider it, though, and it might be the best opportunity for him now that Livings and Bernadeau are here. If he can play it.

Josh: There was one report that Arkin was doing some center work at an O-line camp this offseason. That doesn't make him a center. By all accounts the Cowboys still believe he's a guard. Whatever the position, I think he's going to have to show some progress to make the team. The Cowboys have cut higher-drafted linemen in their second year before. Remember Jacob Rogers, James Marten and Robert Brewster?

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