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Cowboys Mailbag: March 21, 2012

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ASHLEY BONNETT WORCESTER, MA: Why can't the Cowboys make a good trade like the Eagles just pulled off for DeMeco Ryans?

Rob:We'll see how good it is. Sounds great on paper – trading for a guy who's been to the Pro Bowl for only a fourth-round pick and swapping thirds. Keep in mind Ryans wasn't very productive last year, whether it was the 3-4 scheme switch or the fact that he was coming off an Achilles' tear. I do trust the Eagles' personnel moves because they draft so well and have been to the playoffs so consistently. A fourth-rounder is fine, but you almost never should trade a first-rounder for a veteran player, a la Roy Williams here a few years ago.

Josh: Yeah, Eagles in the Super Bowl, I got it. Look, DeMeco Ryans is a good player. He was Rookie of the Year, and he's been to the Pro Bowl. But he's not Patrick Willis, OK? It remains to be seen whether he makes the Eagles appreciably better. As for why the Cowboys can't make a good trade, I don't know what to tell you. Interest has to line up with opportunity. Can't Jerry Jones just get by on his Herschel Walker trade cred forever?

KEVIN NEEDHAM COLUMBUS, OH: What are your thoughts on the Cowboys signing someone like a Ted Ginn? He is a speed guy who would fill a special teams role and stretch the field.

Rob:I'd consider him for a boost in the return game – depending on how much they want to use Felix Jones and Dez Bryant there – but they probably couldn't count Ginn to fill Laurent Robinson's spot as that veteran third receiver. I know he wants to be known more as an offensive player than a return specialist, but he hasn't been able to prove that in his career yet.

Josh: First of all, I don't think he's as fast as you remember him from Ohio State - like, no faster than 50 others receivers in the league today. And he definitely doesn't play that fast. There's a reason it hasn't worked out for him as a receiver. Besides, there's more to building a receiving corps than speed. Austin and Bryant are plenty fast. How about a bigger guy, similar to Robinson? As for the return man thing, I'd rather have a guy with a future on offense or defense.

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