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Cowboys Mailbag: March 26, 2012

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Robert Gathercole - Ogden, UT: What is the upside of the Cowboys fighting their salary cap penalty? If they win the appeal, will it give them additional cap room in the future? Is there a downside?

Nick: The upside is probably just doing the right thing. From how it sounds, the Cowboys and Redskins got the rawest of raw deals. I can't tell you that I know exactly what will happen with the cap space, but if the Cowboys truly got penalized unfairly, then they're trying to rectify that. The downside? Well, it's never good to have the entire league against you, if that happens that way. When Jerry tries to get another Super Bowl here, that might just be the politics that goes against him.

Josh: Best case scenario, obviously, is they'll get their cap space back. I think they're pretty confident in that. Worst case scenario would be getting black-balled from the Super Bowl rotation and other considerations in the future. Turning the other owners against them could cost the Cowboys and Redskins a lot of real money - not just cap money - in the long run. It's risky.

Manuel Menendez - Navarre, FL: Would you say that if the Cowboys hadn't been penalized $10 million against their salary cap, they would have been able to re-sign Laurent Robinson?

Nick: I think that could've been a difference maker. But the Cowboys wanted to get Robinson in the $4-5 million range per season. He just went over their price limit.

Josh: Maybe they would've gone to that level for him if they had the space, but that would've still been overpaying, and imprudent. Perhaps they could've gotten more of an impact player at guard or safety if not for the penalty.

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