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Cowboys Mailbag: March 3, 2012

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WILLIAM DERASMO FAIRFAX STATION, VA: Is there any thought to filing a lawsuit against the NFL over this salary cap deduction?

Rob: Yours truly doesn't have a law degree, but it's probably an option, and they might have a pretty good case, too. These weren't deemed "salary cap violations" – in other words, they really didn't break any rules. The question is, is it worth it long-term to challenge over this? And how quickly would anything like that get resolved?

Josh: I wouldn't expect that. It's a matter of picking your battles, I think. If you're challenging the other owners over $10 million here, you might end up losing much, much more in the long run. And apparently the Cowboys knew this was coming for a while, so if they wanted to make a stink they would've already done it.

DEWEY BRASHER BECKVILLE, TX: Why did the league wait until now to change the Cowboys' cap? Would it have made a difference in any moves the Cowboys already made?

Rob:It's connected to the delay in the league and the union settling on this year's overall salary cap figure – and it sounds like the number might have been significantly lower before the Cowboys and Redskins were stripped of salary cap space. It really is a strange turn of events, and I'm guessing neither team is too happy about this at all. After all, the NFL Management Council must approve all contracts. We're talking two years ago here.

Josh: It didn't become convenient until the NFL and NFLPA needed a solution to keep the cap from dwindling this year, which they agreed to on Sunday. As for whether it wouldn't stopped them from doing something over the last couple years, that's hard to say. It looks like they'll have plenty to spend after moving some money around with other guys. If the Cowboys don't win the Super Bowl in 2012, this won't be the reason.

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