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Cowboys Mailbag: March 8, 2012

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PETE GLASS STAFFORD, VA: Will the Cowboys have enough cap room to re-sign Laurent Robinson, add a veteran backup quarterback and still sign a top player like Carl Nicks or Brandon Carr?

Rob: It appears the Cowboys can be creative enough restructuring some of their current contracts (like Dez Bryant's) to accomplish pretty much what they want. I doubt they can sign a guy like Carr and Nicks as well as retain Anthony Spencer and Robinson, but they seem to have enough space to go after a big-name free agent. A veteran backup QB shouldn't be too expensive. Neither should a veteran inside linebacker or tight end. I do wonder what Robinson's market value will be if something isn't worked out with the Cowboys by next week. Some top receivers got franchised, which inches Robinson up the list of free agents.

Josh: I think so. They can still create a lot of cap space. They restructured Dez Bryant, and can do the same with Doug Free and Orlando Scandrick. They can release Kenyon Coleman and David Buehler to save another $3 million or so. It's all about how you're arranging the money in the deals. Of course, if you bring back Robinson then add one big money guy like Nicks or Carr, there are going to be positions you don't address through free agency.

THOMAS JENNER GILMER, TX: Is backup offensive tackle a need, or are the Cowboys pleased with Jermey Parnell?

Rob:It's a position that can stand to upgrade in terms of experience. Then again, how well did Alex Barron work out? They like Parnell's athleticism; it's just been a transition because he basically was a basketball player. Again, they could address it but I'm not sure where it falls on the priority list with so many other needs.

Josh: I think they like Parnell. And from what I've seen of him in camp practices and preseason games, I like Parnell. I don't know that I'd be excited about him as the opening day starter or anything, but in a backup role, I think he'll suffice. They could still add a tackle in the draft, but I don't see that happening in the early rounds.

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