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Cowboys Mailbag: March 9, 2012

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Dave Williams - Taos, NM: What will be the headline on next Wednesday, the first full day of free agency?

Nick: Good question. I'm trying to figure out what it will be on Friday, March 9. I know your question is asking if this team is going to make a big splash and if so, will it be right off the bat. I've seen it happen both ways here. I've seen three guys signed on one day back in 2005. I've seen them wait and do nothing. This team will look for bargains so that being said, I could see a headline that says "Still Waiting" probably more than anything else.

Josh: It'll probably be what it seems to be most years when the market opens – something like "Cowboys Quiet On First Day Of Free Agency." Though they do have a little money in their pocket this year, it's not like the Cowboys to jump out on the first day and bid against themselves. I think they'll be cautious and look for good value.

Mike Nicholson - Dallas, TX: Is punter a need? Or are the Cowboys set with Chris Jones?

Nick: Yeah, a punter is needed. But it might be Mat McBriar. Let's not forget about him just because he had surgery. That actually might lower his price and the Cowboys could bring him back. Chris Jones will likely be at camp regardless what they do. But don't rule out the Cowboys looking for a kickoff specialist /punter.

Josh: Well, they've got to figure out who their punter will be, so in that way, yes, it's a need. They need to have a punter. They like what they have in Chris Jones, but it would be silly to say on March 9 that the job is his, no questions asked. Whether it's a low-cost deal to bring back Mat McBriar or just acquiring an undrafted free agent, you can bet Jones will have some competition.

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