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Cowboys Mailbag: May 17, 2012

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MARIANO FARIAS HARLINGEN, TX:Your prediction, who wins the starting job next to Sean Lee – Bruce Carter or Dan Connor?

Rob: I think Carter wins the job eventually. As a second-round pick, he needs to. The Cowboys really hope he and Sean Lee can have a Patrick Willis-NaVorro Bowman like run together. But I'll go with Connor as the Week 1 starter based on experience, with Carter starting out in nickel situations and as a core special-teamer, where he really adds value for Joe DeCamillis.

Josh: Flip a coin. I don't have a feeling on it one way or the other, and part of me thinks that they'll both play about equally, no matter who starts. If Carter starts, Connor will rotate in, even giving Lee some plays off. If Connor starts, Carter will play about as much on the nickel. A nice problem to have.

IRA LLOYD SHELL LAKE, WI: Former Green Bay defensive lineman Johnny Jolly is out of prison. Why not give him training camp look? If he us washed up, no harm done, but he may still have a full tank.

Rob:He's still indefinitely suspended by the NFL. So, no. Hope he can turn his life around, but I don't see the Cowboys going down that road.

Josh: It's really not much of a consideration unless and until his suspension is removed. At that point, I don't really think the Cowboys will be interested, because they like their young defensive line depth. If it were just me, though, I'd be a little interested. Like you say, there's no risk.

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