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Cowboys Mailbag: May 24, 2012

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J.D. RINGWALD JONESTOWN, OH:Dez Bryant says he is more focused this year. Do you think he will become the elite wide receiver we know he can be?

Rob: We've actually seen flashes, but it's about consistency, and it starts with staying healthy. Bryant hasn't been for a full offseason and season yet. In 2010, he entered his first training camp coming off a long NCAA suspension, then got hurt the first week. In 2011, the lockout wiped out a normal offseason that he desperately needed. And he's had injuries in between. Those aren't excuses – he's got to put in the maximum focus to become a more well-rounded receiver and play multiple positions. But he did just miss a 1,000-yard season with nine touchdowns last year. Not bad at all. He can be better.

Josh: I really think it will be this year. His progress has been steady over the last two years, and that's the despite all the setbacks he's had with injuries and the lockout. If he wasn't bothered by the quad injury last year, he might've been in the 80-catch, 1,200-yard range. Obviously he is still learning a lot about his role in the offense, but as he gets more comfortable in it, Tony Romo will get more comfortable throwing to him. I think gaining Romo's full trust is all that has to happen for him to have a breakout, Pro Bowl season.

VINCE MARTIN AMARILLO, TX: Does this foot injury put Danny Coale in jeopardy of not making the team?

Rob:It doesn't help his chances because there are so many young challengers, and the Cowboys could also go the Laurent Robinson route and sign a veteran before the regular season. Before the injury I thought Coale was a virtual lock, and I still think he'll make the team unless the injury sets him back during preseason and others step up.

Josh: There are a couple ways to look at it, actually. The obvious thought is that he'll miss out on OTAs and everything and won't be at the same level as his competition when he gets to camp. But that might actually help his chances to make the team. The Cowboys might think of this setback as justification in the event he isn't ready to contribute this year. They would want to keep him on the team, because there's a good chance he would be snatched up if placed on waivers after camp. It'll probably be tough for him to carve out regular playing time this year, though.

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