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Cowboys Mailbag: May 3, 2012

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RICH VOITEL DEBARY, FL: How do you think Mike Jenkins would fit at free safety?

Rob: I don't know because he's never really played it except for spot duty in college. The Cowboys have actually played Orlando Scandrick at safety in some sub-packages. It's a good thought because they now have four solid corners. If Jenkins is here this season, Rob Ryan should be creative enough to play them all.

Nick: I think he's a cornerback. I like my safeties to be a little taller than his listed height of 5-10. But I'm not sure why he can't just play cornerbacks. These guys get hurt constantly. You need him. I don't think he's a safety.

DANIEL BIPPERT SAN ANTONIO, TX: Houston has released Jacoby Jones. He is an intriguing option for the third receiver job. He does provide punt return ability. Could he be a good addition?

Rob:I'm not totally against it, especially if it doesn't cost much. Jones would add something in the return game. But if the Cowboys truly like young receivers like Andre Holmes and Raymond Radway and the kid they just drafted, Danny Coale, they should see how things develop in training camp first. Laurent Robinson wasn't signed until September last year.

Nick: Yes, I would think Jones would be an interesting player to look at. He is a good punt returner and I think this team needs an upgrade at third receiver. Of course, he was expecting to make $3 million last year, so it's unlikely he will settle for a cheap deal. Asking around here Thursday, I get the sense the Cowboys aren't that high on Jones, but I think it might be a good fit.

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