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Cowboys Mailbag: May 31, 2012

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ROB CAGLEY SHREVEPORT, LA:With Jerry Jones saying there is no draft pick he's interested in trading Jenkins for, does it mean that a trade for a player is a possibility?

Rob: I think both scenarios remain possibilities, however remote -- even a very high draft pick. Anything less than that and I don't think Jenkins gets dealt for a pick, because the Cowboys are trying to contend this year. A player? maybe, but you rarely see those types of trades in part because you've got to make the money work under the cap. Seems to me Jenkins' value will be higher in a couple of months when he's 100 percent and teams start getting injuries at corner. But again, that's a reason for keeping Jenkins in the first place.

Josh: As much as the Cowboys maintain they won't trade Jenkins, they will never say "under no circumstances." If the Broncos offer Von Miller – which they won't, I realize – then the Cowboys would say yes. And if they were offered a first-round pick for Jenkins – which they won't get – then they would say yes. I don't think the Cowboys will trade Jenkins for a lesser player just because that guy plays a greater position of need. In doing so, cornerback would become a need.

KEN JACOBS DENVER, CO: Is there any chance that we will see Dez Bryant or Morris Claiborne as the regular punt returner this season?

Rob:At this moment, I don't see Claiborne doing it. They're going to try to get him ready as an NFL cornerback first and foremost. I thought Jerry's answer on Dez was a little cryptic. He mentioned "when we've got a long field" – a hint that they'd at least prefer not to use him back there full-time. Problem is, he's so good at it, and they don't have anyone else close to him in terms of ability back there. I bet Joe DeCamillis would take him on kickoff returns, too. But at some point you've got to think about his injury history and his workload at receiver.

Josh: As the regular guy, no, I doubt it. I've thought for a while that Bryant made some sense as the regular guy because he's a natural fielding the ball and he can definitely make plays if there's a crease. But he's made some bad decisions back there as far as when to catch it and when to let it bounce. It might come down to which of the third wide receiver candidates can do it. If they need a big return, though, Bryant will be out there.

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