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Cowboys Mailbag: November 1, 2011

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RUBEN GONZALES FORT STOCKTON, TX:Is this the new Tony Romo? A non-gunslinger? He played to protect the ball, and without confidence. That's not his game.

Rob:I don't think so. Some of it is the game plan. They wanted to establish the run again, just like in the Rams game, and never really had the chance because of the deficit. Pressure forced him to get rid of some passes early (case in point, Jason Witten was targeted 12 times but had four catches for 28 yards – clearly some dumpoffs). He also seems to have a quick clock in his own head, probably due to the pass rush and the fact that maybe he's not 100 percent healthy yet with the rib. Some seem to forget that.

Josh: Well, protecting the ball should be his game, but he does have to make plays, too. There might not have been a ton of time for him to throw given the pressure, but I do think he could've done a better job of hanging in the pocket at times. He's been very protective of himself back there since the injury in San Francisco.

RYAN FERNANDEZ CHALFONT, PA:I really like what Rob Ryan has done with our defense, despite Sunday's loss. I would hate to see him leave to become a head coach, though he seems to want a top job somewhere. Is there any chance Dallas would replace Jason Garrett with him?

Rob: Jerry Jones wanted to hire Jason Garrett as a coach 12 years ago. Certainly he has to win games, but Jerry's hope is Garrett coaches here for a long, long time. Answer's no.

Josh: Nope. The Cowboys could lose every game the rest of the year and Ryan won't replace Garrett. If he gets a head coaching job, good for him, but this organization needs to establish some prolonged stability at the top. Nobody is perfect, but Garrett has given me no reason to think he's not the right guy for the job.

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