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Cowboys Mailbag: November 15, 2011

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GREGG RADLEY WESTMINSTER, CO:Has the O-line really come together, or has it simply been better running by DeMarco Murray?

Rob:Sounds cliche, but it's really a combination of both. Montrae Holland deserves some credit for helping in the run game, getting out on the move and making blocks in some cases. The group as a whole seems to be clicking better than early in the season, so I'd like to see what Felix Jones can do back there. But there's no denying the dimension Murray has given this offense in four starts. He's explosive and he can get tough yards, too. He certainly deserves more carries going forward.

Josh:I've been wrestling with this for a while, but I think Murray deserves a little bigger scoop of the credit because a lot of these yards are coming when he creates a play even though nothing appears to be there. In more limited opportunities, Phillip Tanner doesn't appear to be fairing any better than Felix Jones or Tashard Choice had been a month ago. But I do think the offensive line has improved since the beginning of the season, and the addition of Tony Fiammetta certainly has helped. And a healthy Tony Romo helps. And it helps to be playing some weaker run defenses. Most of all, though, it helps that Murray has been unleashed.

JOSIAH PLATT FLETCHER, NCDo you think when Felix Jones comes back from the high ankle sprain, he should be returning kickoffs?

Rob:It's too early to say that right now. The most important thing is getting him back healthy, and it sounds like he's getting close. The first priority should be working him back into the rotation with DeMarco Murray, and once that happens, maybe it's a way to get him more touches. He can make this offense even better. But with the 35-yard line rule in effect on kickoffs, I'm just not sure how impactful anybody can truly be back there.

Josh:Yeah, I don't see why not. They've been awful on returns this year, with what few opportunities they've had. It's a free chance to get the ball in his hands without it coming at the expense of Murray. They should take it. He's been successful back there before.

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