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Cowboys Mailbag: November 17, 2011

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WILL LONGORIA SAN ANTONIO, TX:Could you ever see the Cowboys having both Felix Jones and DeMarco Murray in the backfield at the same time, and what problems might that create for a defense?

Nick:I think what's more likely to happen is them on the field at the same time, but not always in the backfield. I could see Jones getting lined up in the slot, or possibly being used in a motion play. Lined up together may not be something we see a lot, but they can be used in the same formation.

Rob:Absolutely, especially in certain third-down situations where Jones or Murray can be passing threats. Don't want to take fullback Tony Fiammetta off the field too much on first and second down, though. He has factored into Murray's production, and it's worth noting that the one game where Jones and Fiammetta have been fully healthy together - the first Washington meeting - Jones had 115 yards on 14 carries.

DAVID BOAL LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZWill the Cowboys need to change their calls and signals this week, being that Tashard Choice is now a Redskin?

Nick:I don't think so. Choice is probably worried about learning Mike Shanahan's offense. I doubt he's going to be spending time in the defensive meetings telling them about the Cowboys' signals and tendencies. Remember, he missed most of camp when Rob Ryan was first installing things. I doubt Choice can help them much with that.

Rob:Heard the same thing with Andrew Sendejo and the Jets in the opener. Maybe there are a couple of things they can adjust, but I've never really bought into that fear, especially against a team like Washington they play twice a year anyway.

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