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Cowboys Mailbag: November 2, 2011

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CHRISTIAN CASTRO EL PASO , TX:If indeed Bruce Carter is to get some snaps with Sean Lee out, what level of productivity should we expect from him?

Nick:I'd be surprised if he's really good. I go back to one of Bill Parcells' sayings - something he probably didn't invent but used to say a lot. "Knowledge is confidence and confidence lets you play fast." While Carter might be more athletic than James and Brooking, he'll only be nine practices into his NFL career. I can't believe he'll have it down so well that he'll be too good.

Josh:I wouldn't count on him being Sean Lee, but if the role is simple enough, maybe his athleticism can show up and he would be a better option on pass coverage than having both Bradie James and Keith Brooking on the field together on third downs. Here's your guy, cover him. Or, here's your zone, cover anybody who's in it. That can't be too hard.

JUSTIN HERR HUGHESVILLE, PA:Looking at the body of work at the halfway point for Arizona cornerback Patrick Peterson and the Cowboys' first-round pick Tyron Smith, is it OK to already think Dallas should have traded up?

Nick: Let's see how Bruce Carter or DeMarco Murray do. Because don't just compare Peterson to Smith, but all of them. To get up to take Peterson, the Cowboys would've lost their second and probably third-round pick, too. When you think of it that way, I'll take it the way it is.

Josh: Yes, I saw Patrick Peterson's interception for touchdown highlight, too. Isn't that why you asked? I'm sure he's been OK. But do you think cornerback has been a big problem for yje Cowboys this year? The offensive line needed addressing, and probably still does with some high picks next year. I think Tyron Smith is going to be very good for a long time.

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