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Cowboys Mailbag: November 22, 2011

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Fred London - Knoxville, TN: Although DeMarco Murray may have had an average game on paper, I think the most positive aspect of his performance was that he firmly established himself as a workhorse back. He carried the ball 25 times.

Nick: Completely agree. You can't say it's the best game he's had because it was 253 or even the 135-yard outing he's produced lately. As far as hard-nosed, tough running goes, Murray showed me a lot in this past game. In games like that in the NFC East, sometimes you have to keep grinding and that's what he did. Not his best, but very good in my mind.

Josh: And don't forget the six catches he had as well. Those were tough yards he was getting out there, and it didn't looked like to me he was going any easier in the fourth quarter than the first. It's great that he can do that, but a big part of me still thinks the Cowboys need to be going a little lighter on him, because you would hate if he ran into a wall late into the season. Felix Jones is a pretty good back himself, and it wouldn't hurt the Cowboys if he was used to spell Murray a little more in games like Washington. You want to use your best guy a lot, but you don't want to just kill him with too many touches.

Jeff Gallo - Lafayette, CO: With Miami being a winnable game without them in theory, wouldn't it make sense to rest Miles Austin and Mike Jenkins again? Essentially it gives them another two weeks to rest.

Nick: It comes down to . . . are they healthy? If they are ready to come back, then bring them back. Apparently, they are not healthy or they would be there practicing. I've never really liked the theory of letting them rest for another 10 days. I look at it like "if they get banged up again, then they've got 10 days to get healthy again." If they're healthy, then play them. But I don't think they are.

Josh: Well, it looks like that's where they're headed since they haven't practiced in the two workouts so far this week. If they were healthy, they would be out there, I think, because you can't take anything for granted. But they just aren't quite right. The Cowboys have to be expecting them back for Arizona.

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