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Cowboys Mailbag: November 28, 2011

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Frank Garland - Austin, TX: Is there any chance the team brings Shaun Chapas up from the practice squad while Tony Fiametta is out? Or, why not?

Nick: I think there is a chance for that. He's a fullback who knows the offense. If they end up putting Fiammetta on IR and freeing up a roster spot, it would make more sense. But clearly, the coaching staff must not have great confidence in him to put him on the squad in the first place and then not use him during these games when a fullback was needed.

Josh: My gut tells me they aren't going to do that until or unless Fiammetta has to go on IR. The reason why not, and the reason he didn't make the team and hasn't been called up yet, is that he isn't all that good. However, they need a fullback to come from somewhere as soon as possible, I think, and if there's so much unknown with Fiammetta, they had better get a guy in to start learning the offense. I really don't understand the hold up.

Michael Palmer - Atlanta, GA: I think Anthony Spencer has been doing well, especially against Miami. Why do so many people give him a hard time?

Nick: Because he plays outside linebacker and so does DeMarcus Ware. And both were first-round picks. And Ware has double-digit sacks and Spencer doesn't and you would think that Spencer would get one-on-one blocking while Ware gets double- and triple-teamed. Hopefully my tongue-and-cheek explanation is expressed on here because I actually agree with you. I think Spencer has played well but there are lofty expectations that go with being a first-round pick. Has he been as productive as we thought? No, probably not. But he's a better run-stopper than people give him credit for and he did play well against the Dolphins, and really the last few weeks, too.

Josh: I agree, he's having a better, more consistent season overall than he has before, though it hasn't quite measured up to that streak of greatness he had at the end of '09. But he won't get credit for just playing well because he isn't doing the things DeMarcus Ware does, which, by the way, nobody else in the league does, either. The Cowboys are probably in a position where they have to get him re-signed. He'll be their top priority this offseason, I think, if something isn't worked out before then.

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