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Cowboys Mailbag: November 9, 2011

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J. Williams - Overshot, PA: How effective do you think Sean Lee will be on Sunday, since he'll be playing with one hand?

Rob: It wouldn't be easy, but it can be done. The biggest things are having a functional enough cast to use his hand, and then having enough strength in the hand to engage with blockers and make tackles. Lee is miles ahead on the strength part – he said last week he couldn't even grip a coffee mug – and he's in good hands with the athletic training staff.

Josh: Like I've said before, I saw Patrick Willis dominate with one of those things on his hand in college. That's proof enough for me. Now, that's the NFL's best linebacker going against college players, so it's different, but I learned that it's not something you can't deal with. Don't expect any interceptions, though.

Henry Loza - Abilene, TX: With a 46-man roster on game day, why can't Jon Kitna, or anyone else, for that matter, hold the ball on field goals and extra points as opposed to Tony Romo while Mat McBriar is hurt?

Rob: Fair point. I don't worry about Tony Romo holding because of the Seattle slip in 2006; that was an ice cube, not a football. The concern should be the starting quarterback having one more thing on his plate. And what if the kicker accidently clipped his throwing hand? You would think somebody else could hold, but Kitna's never done it and although this might sound silly, his hands are a little small.

Josh: It's simple – he's good at it. Say whatever you want about the bobble in Seattle, but he's the best guy they have for that job on the roster, even better than McBriar. I don't really understand what the big concern is. I don't think I've ever seen a holder get hurt.

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