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Cowboys Mailbag: October 12, 2011

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Whitney Shoffner - Springfield: Would Tony Romo ever be benched if he continues to throw interceptions late in games, such as in the two major collapses already this season?

Nick: Probably not for a while, especially if he splices in a few late-game heroics in the fourth quarter like he did in between those aforementioned collapses. I understand the point, but right now he's providing both ends of the spectrum. And if you've got a guy who has the ability to be great, then you tend to live with the bad a little more. If his best day was average, then it'd be time to look elsewhere.

Rob: I think it would have to become almost a weekly occurrence beyond this point . . . without the outstanding play that put his team in position to beat the Jets and Lions in the first place. And no, these recent breakdowns haven't been the norm for Romo throughout his career. He's going to turn it over some – all quarterbacks do – but he's also going to make a ton of plays. With an aggressive QB like him, you simply have to live with some of the mistakes.

Carl Marquez - Sacramento, CA: When do you think we will see Bruce Carter play in his first game as a Cowboy, and how much do you see him helping out our team this year?

Nick: Well, he says he'll be ready for the Rams game. I would be surprised if that occurs but something like Philadelphia or Seattle might make more sense. He can start practicing next week but doesn't have to be activated for a couple of weeks after that.

Rob: It depends on whether Carter can get into practice – he's eligible beginning next week – and demonstrate that he's physically 100 percent and comfortable with the scheme. Although I think he could be a good one, fans need to temper their early expectations for him. He hasn't practiced or played a game in 10 months, and I don't see him taking time from Bradie James or Keith Brooking at this point.

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