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Cowboys Mailbag: October 31, 2011

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Rick Rodriguez - Bloomingdale, IL: Do you believe we got too excited about what looked like a real "all-hype team," the Cowboys' defense? Have they been exposed?

Nick: I think this is still a good defense. I'm not going to let one game against a good Eagles team change that just yet. As for being exposed, that sounds good but it's not like teams will just use that blueprint and go beat the Cowboys the same way. If you've got a LeSean McCoy and a Michael Vick, coupled with those speedy receivers, then maybe it will work. But I doubt teams like Seattle and Buffalo can use the same plan. Not saying they won't have success and can't beat the Cowboys in another way, but they won't do it like Philly.

Rob: More than being exposed as an entire unit, I just think there were some matchup problems that got exposed, particularly when Sean Lee went out. They missed his range from the inside linebacker spot with guys running free underneath. The Eagles schemed them very well, as Rob Ryan admitted, and the tackling went from very good in the first six games to poor on Sunday.

Tim Johnson - San Diego, CA: The pass to Martellus Bennett that resulted in an interception against the Eagles was the final straw for me. Don't you think the Cowboys should officially give up and cut him to make room for someone who can help the team?

Nick: No, I don't think so. I fault Tony Romo as much as Bennett on that play, just a desperate heave to a guy that wasn't open. Not giving Bennett a pass on that one, but you have to remember his role. It's to block. He's a blocker and a good one. One coach told me Bennett had one of the best game of his career last week against the Rams, but no one noticed because he's just a boring ol' blocker. If you're going to place blame on this – blame the Cowboys for making him a second-round pick. They didn't need to draft a blocking tight end in the second round because they had Jason Witten. I really do think Bennett will be a productive player, it just won't happen here.

Rob: They're not going to cut Bennett. He's a free agent after the year and obviously it's uncertain whether he'll be back. Folks probably don't want to hear this today, but he does add something as a blocker in the run game. Now, in the passing game? Have to make that catch. Doesn't exactly help his case for more looks from Tony Romo.

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