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Cowboys Mailbag: September 16, 2011

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JUSTIN HUTCHINSON SALISBURY, NC :How do you think Tony Romo is going to bounce back against San Francisco in Week 2?

Rob: Whatever happens, I think it'll have more to do with how Romo and the offense neutralize the 49ers' front seven (Ray McDonald, Justin Smith and Co.) than Romo's psyche. This isn't a rookie quarterback. He's had to come back the next week from a disappointing finish - every veteran QB in this league does at some point, by the way - and perform well. I believe he will, but the 49ers' defense is legit.

Josh:I believe he'll be fine. He puts in the work, as much time studying his opponent as any quarterback in the league, just about. Not saying he won't throw an interception or fumble, or have something bad happen to him otherwise, but he's going to do everything in his power to avoid it beforehand rather than throw in the towel. He's the most mentally tough player the Cowboys have.

RUDY CARRIZALES BROWNSVILLE, TX :Should the league take a look at a rule to protect a defenseless defensive player against a cheap shot like the one Plaxico Burress took at Mike Jenkins on Sunday night?

Rob: I agree. Burress can do his job without blind-siding somebody with a dangerous hit like that. It should apply to everybody, not just quarterbacks, runners, kickers and punters.

Nick: Some people will say 'That's Football,' and it is, I guess. You're taught to have your head on a swivel. But Jenkins would've been fined if he had taken the same shot at Burress trying to catch a ball. I think defensive players should be protected in the same way. It was a legal block, but that doesn't mean it wasn't dirty. Personally, I can enjoy a game without seeing guys go for those kill shots, and I think it's a little barbaric to just say 'That's Football.'

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