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Cowboys Mailbag: September 19, 2011

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Randy Samuels - Lititz, PA: A follow-up to Friday's question - I think Tony Romo bounced back just fine, don't you? What does that performance mean for him?

Nick: I think it means what it means. Tony Romo is going to be on both ends of the spectrum. Then again, what quarterback isn't? I think the way he fought through pain and played well in the fourth quarter will help his perception a little, but that's until he throws a fourth-quarter pick in a game the Cowboys lose. Then it'll be back to the normal stuff again.

Josh: To him, I think it probably felt pretty sweet, evidenced by his sly comment that the loss to the Jets was his worst game ever. He knows how it goes, that it's a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately job, and Sunday's performance was just a little reminder that he is pretty good.

John Nguyen - Riverside, CA : There was much talk coming into the season about this being a faster, leaner offensive line, yet the running game has looked stagnant. Is Felix Jones to blame or is there an inability to create holes out front?

Nick: You are right about the running game struggling. I say let's wait a little longer since the Jets and 49ers are two rather tough defenses. But as of right now, it looks problematic. I think you can blame Jones a little, but it's not like Choice or Murray are doing any better. For the last year now, this is what the running game has looked like. They are not a good running team right now and haven't been since 2009.

Josh: I don't think it's time to worry about it just yet, because we should understand the Jets and 49ers are really good against the ground game. I would expect some better rushing games when they play some more average units. Anyway, the offense exploited all their efforts to gang up against the run, to the tune of 340-plus passing yards for Tony Romo both games. As a team the Cowboys threw for 432 yards on Sunday. I mean, that's like Cam Newton-good.

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