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Cowboys Mailbag: September 23, 2011

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RICK EDWARDS EVANSDALE, IA :Do you think we can attribute this rash of injuries to the lockout?

Nick:I'm sure it can to be attributed to something, I just don't know if that's accurate. I would think in some cases, yes, not playing football for the summer has caused some of these hamstring and groin pulls. But not only will we never really get a straight answer on it, but it's pretty tough to determine the cause of injuries. But I don't think the lockout has helped.

Josh:I There's really just no way to know for sure, and at this point I don't think anyone is even certain there have been more injuries through two games than in other years. As for whether the Cowboys injuries, in particular, can be blamed on the lockout, no, I don't think so.

DARRANCE MORGAN LOS ANGELES, CA :Because of all the injuries to the guards and centers, do you think the Cowboys regret cutting Andre Gurode and Leonard Davis?

Nick:I really don't think they regret it because it seems like it was a money thing more than anything else. They didn't know Nagy and Arkin and Kowalski were going to be as good as they've been when Davis got released. As for Gurode, that was because of Costa's play, plus the money saved. If they really regret cutting Davis . . . he's still out there. I think it's about saving cash.

Josh: Or what about Montrae Holland? You know, they may in the long run regret it, but so far I don't think so, because the young guys haven't performed any worse than the veterans. Yeah, they had some free rushers against New York, and didn't run the ball well in either game, but that was par for the course last year, too.

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