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Cowboys Mailbag: September 27, 2011

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BILL CHAPMAN SAN ANTONIO, TX :Has Dan Bailey made David Buehler expendable with his performance against Washington?

Rob:Well, I still think they value what Buehler can do on kickoffs. That said, Buehler said his groin injury just wasn't ready after testing it in pre-game, and Bailey took advantage with three touchbacks and four others that landed at the 1, the goal-line, the 2 and 2 yards deep. Pretty good aside from the opening kickoff that landed at the 7. He's not the same weapon as Buehler back there, but he was pretty solid in preseason, too.

Nick:I I think over time, it might get to that. Right now, it might be a little early. I think it'd be smart to keep him around and see how Bailey continues to kick off. Don't forget it's about to get a lot colder for some of the outdoor games and having someone who has the leg to kick out of the end zone can be very beneficial. Plus, having a guy for long field goal attempts might be worth a shot, too. Still, you're right in starting to wonder if it's worth it to keep two kickers.

DAN SLEEPER BIG RAPIDS, MI :Is it time to at the very least look at some of the free agents still available for the offensive line? I know what you are going to say, "if they were that good they would have already been picked up." But after watching Monday's game I have to disagree.

Rob:The Cowboys aren't going to scrap their plans for these younger linemen after three games. Jason Garrett said before the season that this group would have some growing pains and the team was willing to be patient with them. Besides, three-year starter Doug Free is arguably the best of the group, and he has had his hands full for two straight games. It's not all on the inexperienced guys. That being said, Romo is taking too many hits and it's a concern with his rib.

Nick: Well, in other years I think you can make that argument of "if they're available, how good are they?" But this year is an exception because of the lockout and the new salary cap. There are some very good, established players that don't have a job. One of them is a guy like Leonard Davis. It surprises me that he hasn't been signed by any team yet. As for the Cowboys, I'm starting to agree they need some help inside. That's why they signed Derrick Dockery, who is out for a while. It wouldn't surprise me if the Cowboys added some experience especially with the Lions coming to town. Then again, it would've likely happened already.

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