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Cowboys Mailbag: September 29, 2011

/ Editor's Note: Each weekday,'s writers will field two questions from the fans. Click here to email your question now. **

Ason Starling - Fremont, CA : Is it just me, or does Doug Free not seem to be playing as well this year as in the past two years? What's the deal?

Nick: Expectations. Anytime a player gets a contract worth $8 million a season, you immediately expect more from him. It's natural. But just because he's paid well doesn't mean he won't make some mistakes that a rather young player still makes. Let's not forget that he's playing left tackle, which pits him up against some of the top pass-rushers. I would imagine he's playing as well as he's always played, we just view him different.

Josh: He looked pretty bad against the Redskins, at least not playing up to the role and the contract the Cowboys have him in, getting flagged for two holding penalties on Brian Orakpo and allowing Tony Romo to get killed by a backup rusher, Rob Jackson. Other than that, I think he's been passable this season. That's a tough position to play.

Craig Anderson - Murrieta, CA: What do you think about sitting Tony Romo this week? At worst, the Cowboys go into the bye at 2-2 but Romo gets two weeks rest, which would help the team more in the long run.

Nick: Doesn't matter what I think about this one. Not happening.

Josh: I think that's a loser's mentality, the same kind of thing we were hearing from people last year who wanted to basically throw games down the stretch for better draft positioning. Herman Edwards was right, you play to win the game. Besides, there's not really a risk of Romo re-injuring himself. He'll be fine.

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