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Cowboys Mailbag: September 30, 2011

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Bobby Mitchell - Selinsgrove, PA : This team is fighting harder than any I've seen since Troy Aikman was under center. They may end up 8-8, but if they fight for every inch, should we give them their due?

Nick: Sounds good. It won't happen though. People expect more than 8-8 so that will just never be acceptable even though it's probably more realistic than anything else.

Rob: To some degree, yes. The word "rebuilding" is an inaccurate description, but they are in transition at key spots like the offensive line. This team believes they're better than 8-8, though, and I don't think a .500 record that would likely miss the playoffs would sit well in that locker room.

John Budnik - Anchorage, AK: One thing I've noticed when reading your articles is the amount of humility a lot of these players are showing. This seems to be a different locker room than in years past. Do you agree with this, and if so, to what do you attribute the change?

Nick: I think they were humbled last year pretty good. When you think you're good enough to win a Super Bowl and go 6-10, it'll change you a little bit. I'm not sure that I've even seen what you're referring to, but if that is the case, I think it has something to do with humble pie.

Rob: I haven't really detected newfound humility, but then again I don't think they've been arrogant in past years to begin with. Every now and then there's some trash talk through the media, but typically this group has always been pretty respectful of their opponent and how hard it is to win games in this league. Just because expectations were placed on them by others that they didn't meet, it doesn't make them entitled. Generally, though, do I think they were humbled some after last season? Absolutely.

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