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Cowboys Mailbag: September 5, 2011

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@christodd10: Everyone seems worried about the Cowboys' offensive line. How do you think they will hold up this year?

Nick: I don't think the team feels like Tony Romo's health will be in jeopardy because of the youth movement. From what I saw in two preseason games, I think that group of Nagy, Kowalski and certainly Costa, they look to hold their own. Dockery might provide some help and eventually start, but it seems like these young guys have something to them.

Rob: I'm very interested to see how the young linemen handle this particular game: that environment, that complex Jets defense. It will be one of their toughest tests all season. As Jason Garrett says, they'll have their struggles this season. I will say this, though: fans should have been more worried about last year's veteran line that couldn't run the ball last preseason. This young group has been pretty impressive so far.

@tuck2020: With this weekend's cuts, there's more proof how pathetic the 2009 draft was. When will Jerry Jones stay out of football decisions? Jason Garrett was hired only because he a yes man, a patsy.

Nick: Yes, the 2009 draft was bad. Twelve picks and only four guys are still here and none of them are starters. As for the Garrett stuff, that can be your opinion. There isn't a coach alive that doesn't listen to his GM and/or owner. If he doesn't, he doesn't stick around long.

Rob: Garrett has had influence in every major decision since he became head coach. That's a fact. If a coach is assertive with his ideas and his vision on things, Jerry will listen. Is Jones involved in decisions as GM? Of course. But he leans on others more than people think. He didn't pick the entire 2009 draft, which has been an overall bust, by himself. And Stephen Jones is gradually taking over the team's day-to-day operations.

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