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Cowboys Must Hope Crimson Tide Guard Slips


(Editor's Note: Heading into the upcoming NFL Draft, held April 25-27, will take a closer look at the prospects, including some that could be potential fits with the Cowboys. Today's featured player is Alabama offensive guard Chance Warmack).

Name:Chance Warmack

Position:Offensive Guard



Age:21 (born Sept. 14, 1991)

Honors:It would be impressive enough if Warmack earned first-team All-America and All-SEC honors, but he also managed both of those feats by unanimous decision. Warmack started 39 games for Alabama, including both of the Crimson Tide's national championship game victories in 2012 and 2013.

Key Stat:The Cowboys' offensive line was penalized plenty in its attempt to keep Tony Romo upright last season. Warmack could help clean that up, though it would depend on how quickly he could adapt to the speed of the pro game. He was only flagged twice in 732 snaps during Alabama's 2012 campaign.

Where He's Headed:The general consensus is that Warmack will be long gone by the time Dallas comes up on the clock. Most teams look at Warmack as a sure-fire franchise guard, and he might be the first interior lineman taken in the top 10 since 1997. The Alabama big man is seeing plenty of competition from North Carolina guard Jonathan Cooper for that distinction, though. It's unlikely, but Warmack could fall to the Cowboys at No. 18 under the right set of circumstances.* *

How He Helps the Cowboys:Unlike Cooper, Warmack would probably not be able to make the switch to center if necessary. But his abilities as a guard would upgrade the Cowboys' running game immediately, and it would improve Romo's pocket. If he lives up to his promise, Warmack could solve any questions on the interior line for the next decade or so.

Scout's Take:Was very happy that I was able to attend his Pro Day in Alabama because I had some questions about his athletic ability, plus I was curious about how much he was going to be able to bench as compared to what I had seen from Jonathan Cooper, who managed 35 reps at the Combine. … I was pleased to see how well Warmack went through the drills that the coaches did with him. Both he and tackle D.J. Fluker worked hard, but that didn't surprise me. What did surprise me is how much smoother he looked going through the drills as opposed to what I had seen on film. … I did have some questions about his ability to function in space, not so much as a pass protector, but on the reach and cutoff blocks along with some second level work. … There were times where Warmack didn't keep his feet or his balance when trying to execute these types of blocks in the game while Cooper did do a much better job of staying on his feet and sustaining his blocks. … In my view, where Warmack has Cooper is in his ability to shock or punch his man with his hands. I feel like if Warmack can stop you with his initial punch, then work his hands inside, he has you. Cooper's feet help him while Warmack's punch is what makes the difference there. … The way that the Minnesota Vikings offensive line coach was able to work with him at the Pro Day made me feel better about his chances to be more than just a power player. … I think that you could do more things scheme-wise with Cooper over Warmack, but that wouldn't keep me from wanting him on my team. … And unfortunately, I still don't know how many reps Warmack is able to do at 225 because he hasn't benched yet.  – Bryan Broaddus

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