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Cowboys Remain Patient; State No "Timeline" To Resolve Dez Situation

FRISCO, Texas – The fans are starting to get impatient. The media even seems that way as well.

But the Cowboys apparently are not impatient at all regarding the Dez Bryant situation that keeps being the center of attention.

It happened last week during the owners meetings in Orlando and once again dominated the discussions at the grand opening of Entertainment District at The Star. It didn't take long during the post-event press conference for both Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones for the topic to shift to football and once it did, it started with Dez.

However, Jerry Jones said nothing has changed as they still have yet to meet about the wide receiver's future with the Cowboys.

"I've asked him not to come in because I want to keep the questions going," Jerry Jones quipped to reporters. "That will keep us in the paper."

When asked again, Jones got serious, but didn't change his tune from what he has said all offseason.

"We're going to sit down and we have a lot to talk about. I don't want to say or not say anything to imply that Dez won't be a Dallas Cowboy."

Stephen Jones made it clear that Jerry will be the one to visit with Dez about his future, which could mean either a pay cut or restructuring of his contract. Stephen also said there's no deadline that a move has to be made before the NFL Draft, which takes place in less than a month. And before that, the Cowboys will begin their offseason workout programs on April 16.

"We haven't put that timeline on it," Stephen Jones said. "When we get ready on a decision with Dez, we'll make it."

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