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Cowboys Still Have Faith In Ogletree At Third Receiver Spot

IRVING, Texas - When Kevin Ogletree caught eight passes for two touchdowns and over 100 yards against the New York Giants in the season opener, he bought himself some support from Cowboy faithful. 

Unfortunately, after being relatively quiet in every game since then, that support has begun to wear thin among many fans. Luckily for Ogletree, this Sunday he will face off against same victims of his "breakout" game.  

Last week against Carolina, Ogletree only recorded four receptions for 27 yards and had a few drops, including one that would've gone for a first down but went through his hands. 

After five games, Ogletree has been unable to come close to matching his performance in the season opener. While fans seem to be growing impatient the Cowboys do still seem to have faith in their third receiver. Jason Garrett explained that with so many targets it is unfair to expect a statistical explosion from the third receiver spot. 

"I think it's unrealistic to think he's going to have eight catches every week and a couple of touchdowns," Garrett said. "If you follow our offense there are games when Dez catches 13 and miles catches three. Then Miles comes back and catches five. That is just the way our offense works…Those guys have to be ready for their opportunities." 

Tony Romo said opposing defenses should get at least a little bit of the credit for Ogletree's lack of productivity. 

"I think it's a combination," Romo said. "I think Kevin has done a really good job. I think a lot of it's coverage and what teams are playing. At the same time he's had a couple opportunities." 

The mention of opportunities hints at a slight bit of frustration on Romo's part. He went on to address Ogletree's need to always be assertive. 

"He knows that he's playing well he just needs to go get the ball once in a blue moon," Romo said. "He's worked on that very hard. It's shown up this year and that's why he had a successful first game." 

Garrett also admitted that Ogletree has been good at times, but there needs to be more consistency. 

"Kevin hasn't been as productive," Garrett said. "He has done a pretty decent job with the opportunities he has gotten. He had a big interference penalty towards the end of the Baltimore game that was good for us. He has done some good things for us. He certainly can improve." 

Despite the lack of production and the minor criticisms aimed at Ogletree, the Cowboys do not look to be making any changes at the third receiver spot. In the eyes of the coaching staff, Ogletree still seems a more proven option than either Cole Beasley, Dwayne Harris or Andre Holmes. 

When Garrett was asked if Ogletree's role in the offense would be changing he denied any reluctance to use him as a weapon in the offense. 

"I think he is a reliable third receiver for us right now and certainly can improve in all areas and that's probably the best way to answer that question," Garrett said. 

His quarterback claims to still have a lot of faith in him as well. 

"I look for him to still have a good rest of the year," Romo said. 

The rest of the year starts Sunday against the Giants, a team Ogletree already knows all too well.

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