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CowBuzz: Newly-Drafted Gregory Shows Dedication With Star Body Art

It's been a standing tradition with the Cowboys here recently that all rookies have to eventually earn their star.  When the rookies come into town this Thursday for the start of a rookie minicamp, they won't receive a star on their helmet until they make the final roster at the conclusion of the preseason of their rookie year.

Randy Gregory decided to take matters into his own hands, forearm actually, and get his star before he is even signed with the team. 

Earlier today Gregory tweeted out photos of himself getting a star tattoo on his forearm with this message:

This immediately created a social media frenzy among Cowboys fans.  Take a look at some of the reaction:

Earlier in the week Gregory sent this out from his Twitter account:

On his initial call with the team immediately after being drafted, Gregory told head coach Jason Garrett, "I'm going to make you proud coach, I can promise."  Garrett passed the phone to defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, and Gregory had this message "Be hard on me, be hard as you can on me."

Gregory has yet to put on a Cowboys uniform, but is making all the right moves so far off the field and quickly becoming a fan favorite.


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