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Crayton Denies "Soft" Comment

Former Cowboys receiver Patrick Crayton, now in San Diego, vehemently denied a story that said he called current head coach Wade Phillips "soft" during an interview this week.

Making comparisons to his current head coach Norv Turner, Crayton admitted that he pointed out the differences between the two and said Phillips has more of a laid-back approach but never disrespected his former coach.

"I never said the word 'soft' . . . not once," Crayton said Thursday night. "I've never said one negative thing about any of my former teammates. I have too much respect for Wade, and all of them and I would never say anything like that. I'm telling you, I was misquoted if anyone says I called someone soft."

Crayton did not deny what was quoted in the original San Diego report.

"Wade is very, very laid back to where you'd want him to tighten up on some of the young guys and he wouldn't," Crayton told a San Diego radio station. "And just when you think he is, he backs off and wouldn't say anything."

Crayton was also quoted as saying that Phillips has "nothing to do with the offense" and Jason Garrett runs that side of the ball.

"Yeah, I said that," Crayton said. "That's the question that was asked and I answered. I think that's how it goes (in the NFL). But I've never said anything bad about Wade. I don't think that way."

In fact, Crayton has often said that Phillips was a big reason for the Cowboys' turnaround when he arrived in 2007.

"Now Bill (Parcells) did a great job of getting the core of us together and installing discipline to our team," Crayton said. "But when Wade got here, it was a like breath of fresh air. He let us just go out and play and have fun. I think they have different styles, but both have been very effective."

Crayton, who said he plans to call Phillips and apologize about the comments, also said his current team has its own set of problems to deal with.

"I'm out here trying to help us win a game," he said of his 2-4 Chargers. "I really don't have time to make comments about all of that. I was asked a question and I answered it. But I never said some of those things and never meant to disrespect Wade Phillips. I respect him way too much to do that."

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