Dak Focused On The Field, Not Contract Talk


OXNARD, Calif. – The location may be different, but the refrain remains the same.

The Cowboys have reported to training camp, and by all indications they are eying a massive extension for Dak Prescott. But as he eases into this next month of practice, Prescott prefers to focus on his on-field work, rather than any negotiations.

"For me it's about coming out here to focus on this – not be distracted by any of that stuff, any of that conversation," he said Saturday. "Just focus on getting better. Be the best player that I can be and making sure that everybody around me is, as well."

Prescott also isn't naïve. Dating back to June, his representatives and the Cowboys have exchanged offers on a new contract for the fourth-year quarterback. The conversation is expected to continue this month at camp, as both Prescott and Cowboys officials both know.

"Talks, I'm sure at this point, have continuously happened," Prescott said.

That doesn't mean there's a timetable. Prescott has repeatedly been asked about it throughout the offseason, and he's fine using the same line. And when he was asked whether he'd like to have it done by the start of the regular season, he again deferred.

"It will happen when it happens," he said. "I know I'll be better when the regular season starts, so – as I said – that's my focus."

And what happens if a deal isn't done in time for the regular season? Asked if he'd table the contract talks if they weren't done by Week 1, Prescott cleverly echoed the Cowboys' owner when faced with a question he didn't want to answer.

"One more time? What did Jerry say yesterday? I can't hear you," he said.

It's not exactly exciting, but it fits Prescott's approach through every step of his career. The job for this next month is to improve, and to hear it from him, there are many ways he can do so.

"Every aspect of this game – it's hard to say just one thing," he said. "From accuracy, from a leadership standpoint. Just going out there and expecting a lot from myself and from others. It's huge. At this position, there's so much that embodies that, embodies getting better and embodies what the team needs."

That honestly fits perfectly. Regardless of whether or not he wants to focus on it, the contract talks will continue. And if he continues to improve, Prescott will only further justify them.

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