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Walter Payton NFL Man Of The Year

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Dak Motivated to "Do Even More" After Award 


PHOENIX — Less than 12 hours after winning one of the most prestigious community awards in sports, Dak Prescott found himself … back in the community, of course.

Prescott, the winner of the Walter Payton Man of the Year award on Thursday night, was at the Boys & Girls Club near downtown Phoenix Friday morning with the other 31 nominees at the annual community event before the Super Bowl.

Prescott, who gave a moving acceptance speech after winning the award Thursday night at the NFL Honors event where he was able to honor both his late mother and brother, said the award is beyond special, but is only part of his journey.

"You never stop giving back. The work will never be done," Prescott said. "We can never really do enough. Now obviously being able to represent the Walter Payton legacy and continue this man of the year and the work that is done, only makes me want to do more in the community and put myself out there more."

The event had the 32 nominees doing a variety of games and events with the kids, all before the players were able to give motivational talks and speeches to the kids and volunteers.

Dak said one of the most enjoyable parts of the event was getting to paint Nike cleats in the spirit of "My Cause My Cleats" with the help of Walter Payton's grandkids.

"It's great to be here. Honestly, that's what makes this so important - just being able to give your time," Prescott said Friday. "Being at the Boys and Girls Club, and doing some artwork, create some cleats, it's mind blowing. Just being able to hand out and paint with Walter Payton's kids, they're great kids. It's just awesome to be here."

That being said, Dak said he's ready to get back to Dallas and "shift" into offseason mode.

"No we're definitely moving forward and getting ready to shift," Prescott said. "Being here is great. Obviously winning this award means a lot, it's the most prestigious award in the NFL. So honored. But being here in the Super Bowl is always bittersweet when you're not playing. I'm ready to get back home and continue to do the work that i do in the community and also get back to the grind and make sure my team is here next year."