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Offseason | 2024

Dak opens up about contract extension: 'It'll happen'


DALLAS — It goes without saying that one of, if not the, biggest headline hovering above the headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys is the future of quarterback Dak Prescott, who is entering a contract year in 2024 if no extension is agreed to prior to September.

Currently set to hit the team's salary cap this year for a chunky $59.5 million, the Cowboys have plenty of motivation to either get a new deal done, or to restructure the current one (if it comes to that).

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones noted the full brunt of the existing deal can be absorbed — although it would require magic being worked elsewhere on the roster.

"You can get in and get on the same page, and see if you can come to an agreement," said Jones, speaking from the 2024 NFL Combine in Indianapolis last week. "If you can't, [the deal we] have in place works. So, obviously, if you do it one way, you'll be working through some of the other areas on the team in a different way; but you can't really plan on that until you see where you are there, and that's what we're doing."

For his part, Prescott is a bit more definitive in his view of the situation. 

The three-time Pro Bowler and NFL MVP runner-up spoke with the media following an event to support Children's Cancer Fund's upcoming "A Knight to Remember" gala — of which he co-chairs with legendary former Cowboys' quarterback Troy Aikman — making it as clear as possible that he carries no doubt regarding the latest round of negotiations. 

"I'm definitely confident," said Prescott. "It helps the team and it's important for the [cap] numbers. I've heard Jerry say that. It's a process. Both sides understand that. 

"Everything is great, and it'll happen." 

As it stands, the Cowboys are roughly $10 million over the cap, per, and will need to start pulling levers prior to the new league year opening on March 13, and preferably prior to legal tampering beginning on March 11, to have a realistic idea of what they'll be able to do in this offseason's waves of free agency — both inside and outside of the building.

Jones noted the Cowboys are "all in" for 2024, reiterating it last week as it also pertains to the upcoming NFL Draft, and Prescott is looking forward to seeing what that looks like.

"I've heard that one," he said. "I'm excited to see it, honestly. I can't say that I've had talks with him on how he plans on making those moves, but I'm excited for it."

The season to come will be one of the more pivotal ones in recent memory for Prescott and the Cowboys, and what happens over the next several days and weeks will largely become the framework for it …

And likely for years to come.

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