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Dak Prescott Says He'll Be "Good To Go" Sunday


FRISCO, Texas – Dak Prescott picked an inopportune time to be limited in practice for the first time in his NFL career on Wednesday, sending a brief sense of panic through Cowboys fans just before a crucial division game against the Philadelphia Eagles that could determine whether Dallas reaches the playoffs.

Prescott, who is dealing with a sprained AC joint in his throwing shoulder, hasn't been throwing much so far this week, but after Thursday's practice he essentially put to rest any doubt about whether he would start Sunday's game.

"I'm getting better," Prescott said. "The mobility and function is all improving. I'll be good to go on Sunday."

While Prescott has remained relatively healthy in his NFL career, he says that this specific injury is one he is very familiar with. He was a physical quarterback at Mississippi State, and he claims that he suffered the same injury what seemed like "once every other week. Especially running as much as I did. It's not anything I've never dealt with before. I know how to handle it."

Right now, the way to handle it has been to mostly avoid letting Prescott throw the ball, preferring to let him rest the shoulder. He suffered the injury in the first half of the Cowboys' victory over the Los Angeles Rams last Sunday, and Prescott says that the swelling caused the pain to be at its most significant on Tuesday, adding that it has since subsided. He called the pain level "annoying" and claimed "I've dealt with a lot more pain [in the past]."

When Prescott begins throwing again will be a daily determination, but he confidently stated that he will get a full workout in before Sunday's game.

A number of Prescott's teammates have claimed it's hard for them to believe that Prescott would consider sitting out of a game against the Philadelphia Eagles with a potential division title on the line. Their quarterback confirmed that not only that he plans on playing on Sunday, but that it would take a lot more for him to miss out on such a significant game.

"When I was a little boy and dreamed about being the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, these are the situations you thought about being in," Prescott said "I'm excited about this moment and this opportunity."