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Advertising Staff Writers Share Gut Feeling For Cowboys-Packers

At this point right now, no team in the NFL has more wins than the Cowboys, who are sitting with 13 after last week's dramatic comeback win over the Lions.

And now it's time to head to Lambeau Field, where this team hasn't played a playoff game since the Ice Bowl in 1967.

Without a doubt, it should be a great one as Tony Romo and Aaron Rodgers are two of the best quarterbacks in the league this year. The Cowboys are a perfect 8-0 on the road while the Packers haven't lost at home, also going 8-0.


Something has to give and the staff will have a ringside seat for is. Here are the gut feelings for staff writers Nick Eatman, Bryan Broaddus and David Helman.

Bryan Broaddus:Look for Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar to play significant roles in the offensive attack for the Cowboys this weekend. As well as DeMarco Murray has carried this team all season he is going to need some help in this game. I see a similar plan for Randle and Dunbar much like they had in Seattle which allowed Murray to be fresher in the 4th quarter of that game. The offense also needs both Randle and Dunbar's explosiveness to take advantage of some holes that will be open. Many think this will be a high scoring game but I feel that both teams will try and run the ball to play keep away and in the end Dallas comes away with a 21 -17 victory. 

David Helman:It's been surprising to learn just how similar these teams are as we've studied the Packers all week. Good luck choosing between these phenomenal quarterbacks, their over-achieving defenses or their respective hot streaks – the Cowboys don't lose on the road, the Packers don't lose in Green Bay? So, where do you determine the difference? I think the Cowboys will be able to run the ball this weekend. But as a whole, I like the Packers' odds against the Dallas defense better. I have bad visions of Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and Eddie Lacy turning nine-yard gains into 60-yard touchdowns – and the Cowboys can't get away with allowing those type of plays against an Aaron Rodgers-led team. Speaking of Rodgers, he's been here and done this before. The Packers have struggled in the playoffs in recent years, but this might be as good a shot as they've had since 2011, when their 15-1 season was ruined by New York. I think Tony Romo is going to play a fantastic game, but I think Rodgers comes up with one more play. It's worth pointing out that the last time I picked Dallas to lose, they went to Seattle and upset the Seahawks, 30-23. That said, I think the Packers win, 34-24, and put an end to a fantastic Cowboys season.

Nick Eatman: I've thought about this game all week long. Sometimes I get the vision the Cowboys can't stop Aaron Rodgers and/or the Lambeau Field mystique will simply overwhelm them. And then othter times I'll see DeMarco Murray just running right over them and this ride they've been on all year isn't ready to be over. It's back and forth but it seems like the latter keeps winning out. As I've said a few times this week … I don't cover the Packers. I don't watch their games. I've seen a little bit of about 3-4 games and I think they lost three of them. I know the Packers are good. I know Rodgers is great. But like I've said, I haven't watched them much this year. What I've seen is the Cowboys and I've seen them play unbelievably well here down the stretch. Nothing I've seen all year should let me pick any team but the Cowboys right now. It's not that I owe them anything. It's that, at this point, how can I go against them? I see Murray having a big day, along with Terrance Williams and Beasley. The defense will rise to the challenge and Tyrone Crawford will get at least two sacks, maybe three. The special teams wins their side and the Cowboys keep it rolling with a 31-21 win at Lambeau. 

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