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Advertising Writers Share Their Week 2 Gut Feeling

JERSEY CITY, N.J. –Following an eternity, it seemed, in anticipation of the Week 1 matchup at New York, the Cowboys' win created even greater excitement for the team moving forward.

The past 10 days have come slowly, but's writing staff is ready to weigh in with some final thoughts on the Week 2 road test against a young Seahawks team. Here is the gut feeling of Nick Eatman, Josh Ellis, Bryan Broaddus and Rowan Kavner:

Nick: I've said since the schedule came out in April this is the earliest "Must-Win" game of the season. Win or lose against the Giants, the Cowboys simply HAD to beat Seattle here. If the Cowboys want to be the team that can make a run in the playoffs, they can't have a hangover here in Seattle. I think this game will be close early with the Seahawks claiming an early lead, and the crowd becoming a factor. I think the Cowboys are a better team and as long as it's not 21-0 or something early, I see Romo leading this team back to a win. Won't be easy, but I see the Cowboys prevailing.

Josh:There's been so much talk about Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson being more than the average rookie quarterback, but I haven't really seen anything to prove he isn't subject to the same struggles most young signal-callers encounter. So, I think the Cowboys will focus themselves on stopping Marshawn Lynch, and force Wilson to outduel Tony Romo. Even in a loud road environment, I don't see that happening. But there's actually a good bit of pressure on the Cowboys this week, because they need to prove they can carry over the momentum from the season-opener.

Bryan:My gut feeling for this week is that Jason Witten plays a key role in the offense's ability to successfully move the ball on the Seahawks. Where the Seahawks are in a little bit of a situation is how they deal with Witten and his ability to work the middle of the field. I like the matchup of him against either Earl Thomas or Kam Chancellor. These Cowboys receivers will have a battle with the Seahawks corners, but they really don't have a good answer for Witten. Thomas has the ability to cover, but not the size. Chancellor is the opposite. Witten has had a week to get his feet back under him with his conditioning, so look for a big day from him.

Rowan:The 12th man will be raucous and ready for the Seahawks' first home game of the season. Fans will scream at Tony Romo to remind him of his infamous fumbled snap. But that was nearly six years ago. Since then, Romo has gone to three Pro Bowls and the Cowboys have beaten the Seahawks three times. The last time the teams met, both DeMarco Murray and Marshawn Lynch finished with more than 130 yards. Expect both backs to be involved early, but the Cowboys' quarterback will want the ball in his hands to make amends late.

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