Days Off Helped Witten's Ribs, Too

IRVING, Texas --Jason Witten isn't a doctor, but he thinks Tony Romo has been moving around fairly well with that fractured rib this week, all things considered.

Two days off have helped Witten's ribs, too.

The Cowboys' Pro Bowl tight end bruised his ribs early in the 27-24 win over San Francisco but did not miss a snap. He's not listed on the official injury report.

"Took a little shot in the game there," Witten said. "A couple days off helped and ready to go."

Like Romo, head coach Jason Garrett has come to expect that type of toughness from Witten, who actually played with a fractured rib himself in 2008.

He's a prototype in all ways," Garrett said. "But what makes him the rare player and the seven-time Pro Bowler that he is is how he goes about his business, how he goes about every single day in practice, in meetings and walkthroughs and certainly come game time. He's not going to let some rib injury impact him."

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