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DC Predicting Breakout Game From Spencer

If there's one word that comes out of every media session with defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, it would be "confidence."

Ryan consistently exudes confidence in himself, his coaches, his team and specifically his defensive players.

This week, Ryan is more than confident in outside linebacker Anthony Spencer, who has been rather quiet since making a game-clinching sack and forced fumble in the Sept. 26 game against Washington.
But Ryan fully expects Spencer to have a breakout game this week.

"You're going to see a dynamic rusher and I think it's going to show up this week," Ryan said. "I really believe all of his hard work is going to pay off. He's going to jump off and people are going to say 'wow, where did this production come from.' It's coming and it's coming fast."

Ryan is well aware that Spencer has been criticized for his lack of big plays. Being a first-round pick in 2007 and playing opposite of DeMarcus Ware, who has 13 sacks in nine games, Spencer hasn't lived up to high expectations, but that doesn't stop Ryan from doling out the compliments.

"Oh man, this guy is getting better every week," Ryan said of Spencer. "He's really stepping into his own. I know the guy is improving every day and he works his ass off. This guy is really going to be special. I think he can get better, and he is. He is improving. He's played the run historically well and he's playing it better this year. And his pass rush, he's working the angles.

"I just know how he works. His work ethic has been excellent. He listens to coaching. We've got some great coaches here and this guy is smart enough to listen. You watch, he's going to be something and he's going to be something this week."      

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