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DCC Lacey On Her Experience At The 13th Annual Stephanie's Day

By Lacey

I have always had a soft spot for children.

They have such a way of melting your heart and cares away with their little joyous and infectious smiles.

It is their super power, if you will.

This was especially true at my appearance at the 13th annual Stephanie's Day.

This event is orchastrated by the Gene and Jerry Jones Family Charities and serves as a partner with the Autism Treatment Center to create a day of fun and excitement for the children and families of special needs.

I knew this would be an event nothing short of spectacular, but I had no idea how well-planned and extravagant it would really be!

There were clowns, face-painters, games, and even a tap line of women in their mid 70's who I think could put most of our team to shame with their impressive tapping skills. It was truly a child's wonderland! Each child that we met touched my heart in a different way.


We met kids of all ages and disabilities, but the one thing that never changed with each encounter was the joy that lit up in their eyes when we greeted and took a picture with them.

Seeing their excitement provides me with a fulfillment like nothing else could. Even when some of the kids could not communicate with us, words were not necessary in the exchange of meaningful and memorable "hellos".

A simple smile and hug was enough to not only make the kiddos' days better, but truly impact ours as well. [embeddedad0]

That is what makes this job so special and so important.

It is such a privilege to be able to improve someone's day by putting on our prestigious uniform and making an appearance at wonderful events like Stephanie's Day.

It is appearances like these that remind me how precious life and its unique little moments are and to never take your blessings for granted.

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