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Defense Shows Depth By Rotating Corners

For a team that just had to have Nnamdi Asomugha back in August, the Cowboys seem to be doing just fine with their cornerback position.

So much so that they spent several plays Sunday against the Rams rotating the third and fourth corners into the game on the base defense. There were a handful of plays that saw Terence Newman and Mike Jenkins on the sideline while backups Orlando Scandrick and Alan Ball played on the outside.

It's just an example of the depth the Cowboys have displayed at cornerback this year.

"We've got depth at a lot of positions like that," Newman said. "I think this whole team is deep. But (at corner), we've got some good talent. Alan Ball has played great for us this year when we've had some injuries."

Newman is right in that Ball has been forced into action, and that started back in training camp when Newman went down with a groin injury and Jenkins suffered a stinger. Then in the regular season opener, Scandrick suffered a high-ankle sprain and missed a month.  

Ball played well enough to get a shot on defense, even after the starters have returned.

And while the competition will get much tougher than the Rams, the Cowboys have already played well in the secondary against the likes of Tom Brady and the Patriots, and for the most part against Calvin Johnson and the Lions, although Johnson got the better of the secondary on two costly jump balls.

"I think we've played well the last few weeks and really coming together under Rob's defense," Newman said of defensive coordinator. "It's a fun defense to play. And when you have a lot of players like we do to sub in and out, it's going to keep you fresh for the game and the season."

As for the Asomugha guy, we'll get to see him and his Eagles teammates this Sunday night.

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