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Despite Being Full, Roster Far From Set

Ok, so the Cowboys are now at full capacity with 90 players on the roster. With the NFL's new rule change this offseason, that's the number of players they are allowed to take to training camp come late July.

The Cowboys got to 90 this week by signing two players who were invited to camp on a tryout basis. Guys like defensive end Ben Bass of Texas A&M and North Texas fullback Jamize Olawale are the newest additions to this team.

There's probably a good chance these are the 90 players who will be on the field for the Cowboys' three-day OTA (organized team activity) practices next week.

But don't think for a second these are your 90 guys that are going to training camp. It never works that way – nor should it.

You know the word Bill Parcells used so often back in his day as head coach here. He called it "churning" the bottom of the roster. Not only is it done as a constant effort to find the best players, but also to keep many of the current guys constantly on edge and trying to fight for their job.

Just last week, the Cowboys cut linebacker Brandon Satele, a player they signed after the end of the 2011 season. Some people out there probably never even knew he was on the team. Surely, he wasn't cut because of performance – because there were no games or practices.

But the Cowboys thought he'd have a hard time making the team, especially after drafting Caleb McSurdy in the seventh round and from what they like so far in the emergence of Orie Lemon, a practice squad player last year. McSurdy and Lemon might battle for the fourth linebacker spot behind projected starters Sean Lee, Bruce Carter and Dan Connor. And Alex Albright will also factor into the mix, as both an inside and outside linebacker. The Cowboys also decided to move Isaiah Greenhouse back from fullback to linebacker as well.

But that's just one example how a guy like Satele can be squeezed out long before he really gets a fair chance to prove himself.

He won't be the last guy this summer. While many of them are trying to hold on and make it to camp – where the real evaluations will be – some of them won't get that far.

That's how the business goes. So right now, you've got your full roster, but expect plenty of changes between now and the start of camp.   

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