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Despite Cowboys Changing QB Stance, Prescott Still Singing Same Tunes

FORT WORTH– For the last 10 weeks, Dak Prescott has kept basically the same mantra when asked about the quarterback situation.

Over that time, the Cowboys have since changed their tune, once calling it "Tony's team" with Prescott simply holding down the fort until the veteran comes back. Now, owner Jerry Jones stated this week that Tony Romo will likely be suited out this week, but only as the backup to Prescott, who has led his team to eight straight wins and the NFL's best record at 8-1.

So as the Cowboys have changed their stance, it's likely Prescott is singing a different tune as well?

Think again.

As part of the Cowboys' Rookie Club that served an early Thanksgiving dinner at The Salvation Army in Fort Worth, Prescott was asked by reports about having a different "backup" this week when the Cowboys take on the Ravens at home.

"No, I just come in each and every day, doing whatever I have to do to give my team a chance to win," Prescott said. "No matter what my role is."

The reporters tried again, asking if he's got a new vote of confidence from Jerry Jones and the Cowboys' ownership to stick with him despite Romo being healthy.

"No as I always said, it really doesn't affect how I go about my business," Prescott said. "Or the way I game plan or go throughout the week. I'm thankful to have the opportunity to keep giving this team a chance to win."

Prescott did acknowledge how helpful Romo has been to his development, but said there have been too many instances to count.

"He helps me so much, I really can't pinpoint one area," he said. "He helps me on the field especially.  He's just great. He's a great guy to look up to you and a great mentor to have and learn from."

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