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Despite Natural Beasley Comparisons, Switzer Found "Big Brother" In Dez

FRISCO, Texas - The comparisons to Cole Beasley were inevitable from the moment the Dallas Cowboys drafted Ryan Switzer out of North Carolina. And while he's certainly a similar type of receiver who hopes to learn from and even play alongside Beasley, Switzer has actually been drawn to an even more prominent Cowboys receiver.

"Dez has been like a big brother to me so far," Switzer said, before adding, "I know we've only known each other for going on a month now."

Switzer is mostly calm and unassuming off the field, but having fought hard to get to the NFL, on-field passion is something he can appreciate. It's why he's been able to soak in every rep he's received in OTA's thus far.

"The most enjoyable [part] is just being out on the field with all the guys," Switzer said. "Having so many talented players around me and so many guys that just love football. That's really important, having guys that have the same aspirations as you."

On a team full of players who fit that mold, no one stands out as much as Bryant.

"Dez loves football," Switzer said. "It's really easy to see that."

Switzer recalled a story of a team meeting when Bryant, sounding upset, wanted to know, 'Coach, why's the safety always shaded towards me?' From his seat, Switzer just rolled his eyes and thought to himself, "Because you're Dez."

It's a promising sign for Switzer that the No. 1 receiver on the team has embraced him, but the fact that coaches might encourage a mentorship role by Bryant says a lot about his emotional growth and ability to channel his undeniable passion. "Dez being Dez" has started to become a good thing.

"Dez has been someone I've gravitated to on the field just because of the energy that he brings and his love for the game," Switzer said. "So hopefully that relationship continues to grow."

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