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Dez: Back Is Good To Go; Focused On Finnegan


IRVING, Texas –There wasn't much doubt Dez Bryant would be ready for the Rams, but he made it official anyway.

"I can roll, I'll give you that – I can roll," he said.

Bryant participated fully in Friday morning's practice after a light week of work, due back spasms caused by a hit in the loss to Kansas City. He worked separately in a limited basis during Thursday's routine, and he was held out of Wednesday's practice entirely.


"It took a while. We were just being very watchy with the situation," Bryant said. "You don't want to go out there and do anything crazy. We've got a long season."

This isn't the first time Bryant has had problems with his back, as he left last season's loss to the Redskins with debilitating back pain. But whereas this more recent injury was caused by a tackle, Bryant said his back problems from the Redskins game stemmed from a cut he made running a route.

The wideout said he doesn't anticipate the same type of problems to resurface.

"It's good – it's just something I have to ease up on. It's nothing major – nothing I feel like will affect me in the long run or throughout this season," he said. "If you take a blow to the back the way I took a blow to the back, you'll probably feel the same way I feel."

Bryant said he'll see how he feels Sunday morning before deciding if he'll get an injection for any discomfort in his back.

Turning toward the Rams game, Bryant was asked about one intriguing matchup he may see Sunday in St. Louis cornerback Cortland Finnegan. The veteran corner has developed a reputation for jawing with receivers, but Bryant said he hasn't seen it as much this season.

"He's kind of different. I don't really see him talk that much – you can tell that somebody's talking, you can see it on film," he said. "I feel like he don't do it that much, but I'll just keep focused … But he seems like he's focused and just wants to play some good football."

Bryant also took the time to clear the air about the Cowboys' third down call in the third quarter against the Chiefs, when Tony Romo opted for a screen pass to Terrance Williams. Some have insinuated that Bryant was upset with the decision, as he was waving his hands furiously at the offense. But he said it was because he was trying to get the playcall.

"He changed the play and I didn't get it – that's what it was," he said. "People were saying like I was kind of pissed or whatever – I didn't get the play … Tony just seen something and wanted to get to it, that's what it was."

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