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Dez Bryant's Reaction To Release: "It's Personal"; Wants To Play In NFC East

FRISCO, Texas – If Dez Bryant gets his way, he'll face the Cowboys twice next season in an another uniform.

In an interview with Jane Slater of NFL Network, Bryant – released by the Cowboys on Friday after eight seasons in Dallas – says joining another NFC East team is a "huge possibility."

"That's something that I want," he said. "It's personal."

Bryant emphasized that he respects team owner/general manager Jerry Jones for making a "hard decision" to move in another direction, adding that he would have taken a pay cut but Jones never asked him to during their one-on-one meeting Friday.

The veteran receiver said he believes it was a situation where "it's five or six guys at a table against one guy" as the organization mulled Bryant's future earlier this offseason.

"The situation was very unfair to me," Bryant said. "It was an unfair situation. If they did want to get rid of me, they could have told me that and I would have respected that."

Now a free agent, Bryant said he's ready to start "a new chapter" with another organization.


"I've got something to prove to those coaches," he said, also addressing any former teammates who might have wanted him off the team. "I'm ready just to prove them wrong."

Bryant, who grew up just down the road in Lufkin, Texas, also thanked Cowboys fans for their support over the last eight years.

"I was a fan playing the game," he said. "I was right along with you."

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