Dez Getting Vick-Like Work On Scout Team

There aren't many players in the NFL like Michael Vick. And the ones that are close, aren't playing quarterback.

That's why it's not easy for any team to try and prepare for the Eagles for that simple reason. But the Cowboys gave it a shot on Thursday, using wide receiver Dez Bryant on the scout team, while facing the first-team defense.

Bryant, who is arguably the most athletic and elusive player on the roster, is also left-handed and throws a decent ball for a wide receiver. The combination makes him a viable candidate to simulate the Eagles' quarterback, who is certainly one of the NFL's most dangerous players.

"Well there's nobody who runs like him," linebacker Sean Lee said of Vick. "He's not only one of the best quarterbacks, but one of the best running backs, with how he moves and how fast he is, especially when things break open. We had Dez at practice today showing us some looks. He can throw the ball 60 yards. It looks like it's on a frozen rope with that lefty spin. But both guys are very talented."

Tight end Jason Witten, who actually completed a pass in Philly during that 2008 season finale loss to the Eagles, said he joked with Bryant about working more on the running part of Vick, as opposed to his throwing.

"Dez thinks he can throw it, he's always throwing it," Witten joked. "But Dez is pretty athletic. I think he's more for the option and the running than the throwing. But he'd probably beg to differ."

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