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Dez Produces Despite Run-Heavy Gameplan


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Given the clinic DeMarco was putting on in the trenches, it's a bit surprising to see just how productive a day Dez Bryant had.

It was relatively quiet, because just one of his receptions went for more than 20 yards, but there's no denying the impact his 10-catch, 103-yard, one-touchdown day in the Cowboys' 26-10 win against Tennessee.

It's a testament to Murray's day that Bryant played second-fiddle in the win – not that he's complaining.

"DeMarco is turning straight beast mode, man, straight beast mode. I know he's going to keep doing that," Bryant said. "When he runs the ball like that, all the running backs, it just makes our jobs that much easier."

Sunday's effort gave Bryant 11 career 100-yard games, tying him with Terrell Owens for ninth in franchise history. His 10 receptions also gave him 300 for his career, which is the fastest a Cowboys receiver has reached that milestone.

If Murray continues to pulverize defenses the way he did the Titans, he'll open the field for Bryant to reach plenty more milestones in the future.

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"When you've got my boy doing what he's doing, you've got to be there to back him up," Bryant said. "I feel like that's exactly what I was doing."

It looked for a moment like Dez's day was done before it even got started. On the fourth play of the game, he came down hard on an 18-yard reception and injured his shoulder. He disappeared to have it looked at in the locker room before returning to the game.

"I'll fight through anything," he said. "As you see, I came back and did what I do. It's good, it's good, it's good. It might be sore in the morning, but it's good right now.

Bryant essentially [embedded_ad]

provided the entirety of the Dallas passing game when he came back. On what turned out to be the game-deciding drive, Tony Romo connected with him five times for 57 yards, culminating in his short touchdown grab.

Romo received plenty of scrutiny for a perceived lack of arm strength en route to the win. For his part, Bryant said he didn't see any problems – only catches.

"He looks great to me," he said. "I don't know what you guys are seeing, but he went out and did what he do."

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