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Dez Ready To Go After Concussion, Has No Doubt Romo Will Return Stronger

FRISCO, Texas – It speaks to Dez Bryant's state of mind that the first six questions reporters asked him on Sunday were about Tony Romo's injury, rather than his own.

After all, it's only been a week since Bryant suffered the concussion that sidelined him for last Thursday's game against Seattle – not that he's concerned about it.

"I didn't really too much think it was a concussion -- it was just symptoms or whatever," he said. "I felt fine. I have to, I guess, follow protocol and all that kind of stuff. I was really ready to go back, but I have to listen to them."

Bryant watched the game from home, where he had a great vantage point of the hit that sidelined Tony Romo for the start of the Cowboys' season.

"I know whenever he got it, I knew he was hurt," Bryant said. "I could tell, like I've seen it, the way his back, when he went down, I knew he was hurt."

As has been widely covered by now, Romo is out of the lineup with no definitive timetable for a return. Bryant and the rest of the Cowboys' offense have expressed plenty of confidence in Dak Prescott to fill his shoes, but there's still every expectation Romo will be back in good health before too long.

Bryant said he talked to the veteran quarterback before news of the injury came out, and Romo told him to keep fighting until he could make his way back.

"Me knowing Nine, he's going to get himself together," Bryant said. "He's going to get back right and come back stronger than ever."

Of course, Romo's teammates are likely to feel that way. But a third back injury in the past four years – not to mention the broken collarbone that derailed his season in 2015 – are bound to prompt difficult questions.

Asked if the mounting injuries might force Romo to walk away from football – or affect when he does – Bryant grew quiet and reflective.

"That'll be Tony decision, but I know he's strong," he said. "That dude is a warrior, for real. I don't doubt that he's going to come back and be stronger."


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